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Ancient Breeds Novel: Black Pyramid


Once a ruler of Egypt, Siaak guarded the pyramids with his life. Entrusted with the powers to protect humans from total annihilation, he trapped his sister in a Black Pyramid for thousands of years with the aid of SandWeaver magic.


Now, in the present, the world is about to learn the truth of the Ancient Breeds. The civilizations once thought were lost, all those thousands of years ago, are now among us. Warriors sent to fight Osiris and her world-dominating BloodSeekers!


Evil sleeps no more. She is ready to finish what she started.

What will the Ancient Breeds sacrifice to save mankind this time?


Copyright ©2010-2024 All rights reserved. AD Stewart

I'm always interested in reading other author's work especially one that involves Egypt.
Anita Stewart gives the old Egyptian myths a new spin in her Black Pyramid, the first book in her Ancient Breed series. Twisting between ancient Egypt and modern day, time travelling aliens known as Sand Walkers reveal their truth and hidden identity to those who are destined to be by their side. A true love story combined with humour, fights, espionage, time travel, suspense and good sex will capture every reader's interest. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. Personally, I can't wait to read the second in this series, Sands of Time, Myaten's story, which has already captured my interest.

Virginia: Egyptian Admirer


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